Is Paintball safe for kids? You bet it is! Our Gotcha paintball marker is designed for low impact and can shoot up to 100 feet. Kids get all the fun and adrenaline of paintball without the pain. Gotcha paintball markers use smaller rounds then our regular paintball markers which use .50 caliber balls.

Perfect for:

  • Kids birthday parties
  • School trips
  • Kids day out
  • Family gatherings

Paintballers Today. Team Players Tomorrow
There’s a lot more to paintball than a fun day out. Build up your kids’
confidence and give them a fun training along the way!

Here’s What Kids Paintball Has To Offer:

It’s a great workout

It teaches kids how
to strategize

It requires teamwork,
leadership, and communication

It teaches them to work
towards a goal

It’s an action-packed
stress-relief activity

It teaches them to respect their opponents and practice healthy competition

This ultimate paintball experience includes:

For this package, the minimum group size is 10 players and the entire group must use low impact markers.

This ultimate paintball experience includes:

  • Gotchas paintball marker pack and pods
  • Goggles
  • Camo jumpsuit
  • Chest protector
  • 500 paintballs

(*) Per person (reservations are required) $49.95

Have less than 10 young warriors in your team?

Don’t worry, for groups from 4 to 9 players we have come up with a special group package. Check out its specifications below:

  • Young Guns Package
  • 48-hour advance reservation is required
  • Group minimum of 4 players
  • Package includes: Low impact gun, goggles, pod pack, camo fatigue and chest protector per player
  • 250 paintball per player
  • Private ref (a $100 value)
  • Free parking
  • Use of Picnic area

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Adventure For Your Kids

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