Airsoft simulates military gun combat with high powered BB weapons. The players are organized in teams to play against each other. Similar to paintball, airsoft requires teamwork and strategic thinking, but instead of paintballs players shoot small, harmless airsoft pellets.

Here at The Paintball Asylum, we’ve created the perfect airsoft field for you to enjoy realistic, high-octane, and more importantly, safe combat with your team. It’s an adrenaline boost you won’t want to miss!

Pocono Airsoft Rates

Admission with
Own Equipment
and Pellets

Thursday Nights
3-9pm $25.00,
Sundays all day
play $35.00


Rental Setup
Includes Gun,
Googles, 1000 Pellets,
Vest and
1 extra mag


Additional Rates

Fatigue Rental

$8.00 per person

Chest Protector

$5.00 per person

Neck Protector

$3.00 per person

Our Airsoft Field

Keep it Friendly: Play by the Airsoft Safety Rules

  • Protect your eyes at all times, whether with a mask or safety goggles.
  • Have full control of your gun and point in a safe direction while you move.
  • Never aim at the head or face.
  • Don’t shoot at the facilities, lighting, or equipment.
  • Don’t step into the field without protection while others are playing.
  • Respect your referee and other players.
  • Do not shoot other players up close, respect the surrender distance.
  • This is a friendly, simulated combat. Keep it fun!